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Educational Resources

Northwestern Center for Advanced Surgical Education (N-CASE)

N-CASE provides our residents with the optimal learning environment for the practicing and honing skills, including motor skills and clinical decision-making.

Simulation education bridges classroom learning and real-life clinical experience. The Northwestern OBGYN residency simulation curriculum is structured within protected didactic education and includes the use of realistic mannequins and pelvic models, as well as cadaver labs and the very popular residency-wide Surgical Olympics.

NCASE Example-1    NCASE Example-2

SurgicalOlympics    SurgicalOlympics1 




Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery

FLS is an educational module designed to teach the technical skills required for laparoscopic surgery. Training consists of web-based study guides, manual skills practice and training via the FLS Laparoscopic Box Trainers in NCASE and an assessment at course conclusion to measure cognitive and technical skills. The course is completed during simulation sessions in second and third year of residency with the goal to practice highly effective and safe gynecologic surgeons. 

We will be transitioning to EMIGS (Essentials in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery) in the 2023-2024 academic year. The program encompasses three main components, EMIGS Didactics, EMIGS Cognitive, and EMIGS Manual Skills. The exam consists of 5 laparoscopic tasks to be performed in a proprietary LaparoBowl to simulate operating in the pelvic cavity.

For more information, visit EMIGS.

Galter Health Sciences Library

The Galter Health Sciences Library serves the educational, clinical and research information needs of faculty, staff, students, and alumni of Northwestern University and the McGaw Medical Center and its affiliated institutions. The library’s holdings of 280,000 volumes focus on the basic medical sciences and clinical medicine. An extensive collection of rare books, journals and manuscripts, along with instruments, etchings and photographs, are available in the library’s special collections. Electronic journals, books and medicine searches are available on or off campus.