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Basic Science Education

Currently, the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology offers Basic Science Education training in the following subspecialties:

Master of Science in Reproduction and Medicine
Director: Francesca E. Duncan, PhD

The Master of Science in Reproductive Science and Medicine (MS-RSM) is a full-time, terminal Master of Science degree focusing on human reproductive biology and medicine. The program is rigorous and includes structured reproductive science coursework, hands-on laboratory instruction, seminars, professional development, and research. We offer thesis and non-thesis tracks to meet the needs of our applicants and their academic and professional goals. 

Predoctoral Training Program in Reproductive Science, Medicine, and Technology
Director: J. Julie Kim, PhD
Associate Director: Francesca E. Duncan, PhD

The CRS Predoctoral Training Program in Reproductive Science, Medicine and Technology  supports PhD seeking graduate students in their research and career development. Our program encompasses didactic studies complemented with technology focused internships and externships that enhance training in science communication and professional development. This program will train the next generation of scholars and leaders in reproductive science and medicine who can succeed in a fast-paced, competitive scientific environment.