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Clinical Research

Treatments developed through our investigators' clinical trials might be new drugs or new combinations of drugs, new surgical procedures or devices or new ways to use existing treatments. Search our list of ongoing trials to learn more or find out how to participate in a study.


Our Programs

  • Serdar E. Bulun, MD
    Treatment of endometriosis and uterine fibroids with antiprogestins and aromatase inhibitors
  • Michelle Kominiarek, MD
    Meeting Gestational Weight Gain Guidelines: Development of a Group Intervention During Pregnancy for Low-Income Racial/Ethnic Minority Obese Women and Their Providers; study of pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes including fetal growth abnormalities, labor abnormalities, postpartum hemorrhage as well as pregnancies complicated by diabetes, hypertension, thrombophilias, and prior bariatric surgery; study of nutrition and gestational weight gain during pregnancy especially in the context of pregnancies complicated by obesity
  • Daniela Matei, MD
    Epigenetic defects and tumor progenitor cells in ovarian cancer
  • Melissa Simon, MD, MPH
    ChicagoCHEC; Coursera; health promotion; healthcare equity; patient navigation; diversity in clinical trials, healthy aging; education and training; chorionic villi sampling
  • Lee Shulman, MD
    Clinical Genetics; Center for Genetic Medicine; pregnancy; fetal chromosomal aneuploidy; trisomy 21; amniocentesis; reproductive genetics; prenatal diagnosis
  • Lynn Yee, MD, MPH
    Diabetes during pregnancy; health literacy; health disparities; health behavior and decision making; patient navigation; perinatal HIV; obesity/weight gain