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Research Cores

Learn about the Comprehensive Transplant Center's research support cores and their capabilities and get contact information for core directors. Center members interested in helping create a core should send an email to

  • Bioinformatics Core
    Providing state-of-the-art bioinformatics training and analytic support services to investigators.
  • Biorepository Core
    Collecting, processing and storing well-characterized biospecimens from solid organ and stem cell transplant patients for scientific studies.
  • Biostatistics Core
    Providing state-of-the-art statistical training and analytic support services to investigators.
  • Clinical Research Support Core
    Providing nursing, administrative, regulatory and grant management support to clinicians conducting clinical trials related to transplantation.
  • Education Core
    Providing the tools, experiences, expertise and infrastructure to teach and expand on a high level of knowledge in clinical, surgical and technical practices.
  • Grants Administration Core
    Supporting grant management to investigators conducting transplant-related research in the areas of basic and translational science, clinical trials and health outcomes.
  • Histocompatibility & Engraftment Monitoring Core
    Developing state-of-the-art assays to improve selection and monitoring for solid organ and stem cell transplantation.
  • Immune Monitoring Core
    Supporting translational mechanistic studies in human organ and tissue transplantation immunology.
  • Microsurgery Core
    Offering consultations and services on any issues pertaining to microsurgical techniques in small animal models.
    Northwestern University Collaborative for Immunobiology and Biomedical Engineering (NUCTRIBE) 
    Northwestern University Transplant Outcomes Research Collaborative (NUTORC) 

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