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Microsurgery Core

The Microsurgery Core of the Comprehensive Transplant Center provides high-quality microsurgical services to support all principal investigators in need of small animal surgical models and to offer consultations on any issues pertaining to microsurgical techniques in small animal models. We evelop novel animal models that may complement ongoing studies or help investigators explore novel ways to test their hypotheses in vivo.

The microsurgical core facility has two surgical stations for the performance of microscopic animal surgery. It is staffed by four experienced surgeons who have successfully performed rodent procedures, including heart, kidney, liver, intestine, ovary and pancreas transplantation, as well as skin grafting and ileocecal resection.

View the current facility price list for Microsurgery procedures. To read additional information about this core, download the brochure.

Research Projects

  • Mouse kidney transplant to study CMV latency and reactivation
  • Mouse kidney transplantation to study the role of TLR signaling and biomarkers in kidney injury, specifically including ischemia reperfusion injury
  • Mouse heart and kidney transplant to study the role of Th27 in allograft rejection and transplant nephropathy
  • Ileocecal resection to study PI3K signaling in small bowel regeneration
  • Ovarian transplant to study biomaterials in follicle growth and oocyte maturation
  • Small bowel and pancreas transplant to study mechanism of antigen-specific CD8 tolerance in inflammatory bowel disease

Starting a Project

To discuss starting a transplant-specific project using the services of the Microsurgery Core of the Comprehensive Transplant Center, please contac our lab manager, Jiao-Jing Wang, at

Core Director

Zheng Jenny Zhang, MDZheng Jenny Zhang, MD
Director, Microsurgery Core