Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Comprehensive Transplant Center

An Infrastructure to Accelerate Innovation

Four Pillars DiagramBuilt on this strong foundation of clinical success, high volume, and funded research efforts, the Comprehensive Transplant Center is actively building a research infrastructure around four pillars – Immune Tolerance, Biomarker Discovery, Outcomes Research, and Engineered Tissues – that will allow our faculty to accelerate innovation and define the future of transplantation. We have developed a collaborative model we call Modular Approach to Transplant Research by Interdisciplinary eXperts (MATRIX). This model combines our experts in transplantation with researchers from seemingly unrelated disciplines and experts in research methodologies needed to answer transplantation’s most pressing questions. We strongly believe that it is at this intersection of diverse expertise that transformative innovation is mostly likely to occur, and we are committed to utilizing this approach to execute our plan and advance the field.

Our Pillars of Research

Applying the MATRIX

Learn more about how these pillars and our research approach is applied to the varied work that we do via the links below.