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Northwestern, Feinberg and the CTC have long been on the leading edge of this ever-evolving field and are now poised to usher in the next era of transplantation, the Era of Technology."

Satish N. Nadig, MD, PhD, CTC Director

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We look forward to working with our philanthropic partners to support big things to come in transplant-related research and education.

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Our former fellows have gone on to impact our field during their careers in transplantation. We invite alumni to reconnect with our center and each other.


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We welcome your questions and comments about the work being done at the CTC. Please feel free to reach out to our staff.

Transplant Village

Transplant Village is a community of organ recipients, donors and family members who have had their lives touched and changed by the CTC. With efforts managed by the Northwestern Medicine Transplant Advisory Council, this group has come together to create a network of resources and support and to raise funds for research and patient care at our affiliated hospitals.

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Mrockek, Dan Nadig, Satish

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Perlman, Harris

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Salem, Riad Safar-Boueri, Luisa

Schneiderman, Jenn

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