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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Office of Finance & Administration
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Funding Updates & Journal Entries

Funding Updates

For instructions on how to update funding in myHR, please see the Deployed Funding Guide. For instructions on how to change funding within 90 days in myHR and complete a journal entry, please see Changing Funding Retroactively with Journal Entry.

Over-90-Day Journals

Retroactive salary transfers between chartstrings for charges over 90 days can be entered in myHR using the existing myHR "Enter Journals" panel. Feinberg requires the following documents to be attached to over-90-day journals entered in myHR:

Any 90-day memos involving sponsored projects require signature(s), wet or electronic, from the PI(s). School-level approvals on the 90-day memo and journal entry are applied via the electronic approval workflow.

Journals still need to be processed on paper if they are:

  • Over 12 months old from the start date of the journal
  • A transfer between a payroll and a scholarship/stipend account
  • Over-90-day journals for temp employees

Effective March 17, 2020 - Please follow the procedure outlined by the Office of Cost Studies for routing and approvals for paper journals that involve sponsored projects:

For additional guidance and information, see the following resources:

Salary Templates

  • Monthly: To process journals for exempt individuals
  • Monthly Mega-Sized: to process journals for monthly individuals that have an extensive funding distribution (over 12 accounts)
  • Biweekly FY21: For biweekly non-exempt employees, FY21
  • Biweekly FY20: For biweekly non-exempt employees, FY20
  • Biweekly FY19: For biweekly non-exempt employees, FY19
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