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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Office of Finance & Administration
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Supplemental Payments

See the Hiring Decision Tree to learn how to pay individuals for additional or supplemental work or service. All supplemental payments must be fully approved before the service occurs. Supplemental payments may also be subject to review by the Position Approval Committee (PAC). For more information, access to required forms and a current list of requests which require PAC approval, please visit Northwestern's page on the Position Management Process.

 Additional Pay

Additional pay is used to provide additional supplemental payment to individuals that are currently active, paid employees. Additional pays are entered online in myHR. Access to the additional pay panel in myHR can be obtained by submitting an HR Systems General Access Request Form and attending the required training.


The Additional Pay Request form for Summer Salary is used to request summer research wages for faculty. Summer salary may represent up to 3/9 of the faculty member’s annual salary and is paid out when the effort is performed. It is calculated in myHR as flat amounts. Therefore, any change in the monthly salary an additional sequence number and line must be noted.

For more information regarding online additional pays, all school-wide updates and approval routing, please see Northwestern’s page on the Additional Pay Process. All staff add pay requests are subject to Position Approval Committee (PAC).

 Special Pay

Special pay is used to provide specific, pre-approved payments to individuals who are not currently receiving a paycheck. A Personal Data Form must be included if the individual does not have an employee ID or if the individual's address has changed since the last payment.

All special pay requests are subject to Position Approval Committee (PAC).

 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Payments

Affordable Care Act (ACA)–toggled appointments are to be used when the nature of service does not fall into one of the approved special pay categories and the person has an unpaid, active appointment (e.g., Contributed Services, Adjunct).

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