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Requisitions and purchase orders are used to pay for goods or services that require a purchase order, usually when goods have not yet been received (e.g., purchased goods, lab supplies, equipment, catering).

 Purchasers should always use the vendors in iBuyNU or Preferred Vendors whenever possible. These vendors have been vetted and provide the best value to the university. Pricing has been negotiated, and terms and conditions have already been established and agreed upon. Department/divisions are not required to solicit other bids when choosing a preferred vendor. Vendors on the preferred list are held accountable to the university and therefore have a vested interest in providing quality service.

When placing an order over $5,000 through any means other than iBuyNU, you must upload a quote, estimate or other supporting documentation. If the cost of the requisition is $10,000 or more on a sponsored project or $25,000 or more on a non-sponsored project, you must upload a Purchasing Decision Document to the requisition before you submit it and a copy of the quote(s).