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Reports for Northwestern's Finance, Facilities & Research Administration (FFRA) are available via Cognos, which is accessible via the NUPortal. For a complete catalog of Cognos reports with descriptions, see Report Inventories. Training and resources are available in myHR Learn in the Cognos category. Find training videos on finance training, budgeting and forecasting on Sharepoint (NetID required).

The most commonly used Cognos financial reports are:

Report Number Title Description
GL005  Summary Budget Status (non-sponsored)  Summarizes budget to actuals for revenue and expenses for a specific fund, department ID and project by account.
GL008 Revenue and Expense Activity Report (sponsored or non-sponsored)  Detailed view of the transactions for the current period.
GL068 Financial Summary (non-sponsored) A summary view of all the chart strings that you have access to (there are prompts so you can specify fund, department ID or projects). Summarizes at the chart string level. Doesn't include sponsored projects; use GL069 to also see those.
GM011 Sponsored Research Expenditures Report Sponsored Research Expenditures Report: Direct, indirect and total costs by project ID. Can run by school, department, PI or project type for specific date range.
GM044 Sponsored Projects Portfolio Used by PIs, department administrators and Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Programs (ASRSP) to view budget balances on sponsored projects by project and by project/budget category.
GM045 Sponsored Project Budget Statement Used by PIs, department administrators and ASRSP to review the status of direct and indirect expenditures against the total budget amount along with project demographic data on sponsored projects. The dollars will be broken out and shown by current accounting period, fiscal year to date and inception to date.
GE007 User Security Profile Run by user name or NetID to see the user's NUFinancials access.
GE008 Department Workflow Approval Profile Run by department to see the department's workflow approval.
GE010 Department Row Level Security Profile Run by department to shows who can see a department's data on reports, etc.

Cognos also contains reports from myHR, SES and InfoEd.

Ad Hoc Reports

The Office of Finance & Administration has created several ad hoc reports to provide tailored information. To run existing ad hoc reports, users need to have the AdHoc Query Runner role for FFRA. Ad hoc reports can be found by navigating in Cognos to Team Content ‎> Finance Facilities and Research Administration ‎> NUFin Ad Hoc Reports ‎> Provost ‎> Feinberg School of Medicine ‎> Office of Finance & Administration.

View the AdHoc Catalog for examples of some reports you can run. If there is no report currently available to meet your needs, feel free to contact us and we may be able to create a report for you.