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Payment Requests

Follow the Direct Payment Request Policy and procedures to pay a company when a purchase order is not required or for situations where payments are required in advance (e.g., registration dues, fees, international wire transfers, petty cash fund).

 U.S. Resident Contracted Services

For payments to individuals as contractors and for honorarium payments, upload the following to the payment request:

  • A Contracted Services Form signed by the contractor, PI/person engaging services and the Office of Finance & Administration
  • A copy of the invoice

To obtain a signature from the Office of Finance & Administration for contracted services forms for amounts $5,000 or above, email and include the invoice and payment request number. Once the form is signed, it will be emailed back to you.

For sponsored project–related expenses, Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Programs must review and approve the Contracted Services Form prior to upload.

If the individual is not in the supplier table, it must be determined whether the individual is an independent contractor. Complete the Independent Contractor Questionnaire and submit it to for review and final determination.

If the independent contractor will be receiving more than $20,000 from a non-sponsored source and is not a student, complete the Temporary/Contractor Request Form and get approval prior to starting. Honorariums, Human/Research Subjects, Royalties, Prizes/Awards, Refund/Reimbursement are exempt from the review process. The form should be reviewed by HR Compensation, then routed through the Feinberg approval process prior to submission to the Position Approval Committee (PAC). If the request is approved by PAC, the independent contractor can begin work.

To begin payment, email all paperwork to to obtain a final signature from Feinberg, then upload the following to the Payment request:

 Visitor Expense Reports

Visit the Expense Reports page for information on how to reimburse visitors for their travel expenses.


Find training videos on finance training, budgeting and forecasting on Sharepoint (NetID required).