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Budget & Forecast

Find training videos on finance training, budgeting and forecasting on Sharepoint (NetID required).

NUPlans Reference

NUPlans is specialized budget and planning software that connects with NUFinancials. Visit myHR Learn to find courses on how to use NUPlans, including budgeting basics, compensation budgeting, fund budgeting, grants, forecasting basics and operational forecasts.

FY24 Budget Materials & Recordings

Annual Budgeting

NUPlans Annual Budgeting is used between April and July to prepare operating budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. It includes:

  • Support for detailed employee salary budgeting, including budgeting for new employees and vacant positions
  • Detailed revenue and expense account–level budgeting for each chart string
  • Budgeting of the use or buildup of carry-forward balances
  • Planning and projecting for grant expenses
  • Built-in workflow for budget review and approval

Special budget requests, budget checklist and NUPlans security access request can be found above. Budgets prepared in NUPlans are imported to NUFinancials in July; the data in NUPlans becomes read-only at that time.

Access NUPlans Annual Budgeting via the System Logins section of the NUPortal. Use NUPlans Contributor for detailed budget input and NUPlans Web for reports, budgeting commitments and budgeting chart string maintenance.

 NUPlans Contributor (Budget Only)

Use this for:

  • Salary budgeting
    • Comp Input tab for most employees
    • Add or Edit Placeholder Data for employees who were added as placeholders
    • Comp Budget by Chartstring for certain types of salary that doesn’t have to be budgeted at the individual level (temps, OT, students, etc.)
  • Grant budgeting
  • Fund budgeting (for 110, 160, 171, 172, gifts and endowments)
  • Viewing overall budget on the Carry-Forward tab
  • Submitting the budget once it is complete
  • Open for edit April through July

 NUPlans Web

Use this for:


  • Add accounts to chartstrings for use in Contributor
  • Change chart string status (in NUPlans only)
  • Load the comp input method that you plan on using
  • Add or modify salary placeholders
  • Add or modify grant placeholders
  • Budget your commitments
  • Run NUPlans budget reports


  • Add accounts to chart strings
  • Copy comments from one month to another
  • Preload forecasting methods for all funds or specific funds
  • Complete your detailed forecast for 110s, 160s, 171s, 172s, cost share, gifts and endowments
  • Run variances by fund view to check forecast vs. budget variance
  • Run reports on your forecast


NUPlans Forecasting is used throughout the year to develop fiscal year–based forecasts. It provides support for multilevel forecasting at the account, chart string and/or all-funds levels. Data is imported monthly from NUFinancials, and additional modules support grant, salary and tuition forecasting.

NUPlans Forecasting can be accessed by logging into NUPlans Web in the System Logins section of the NUPortal.

Access Forecast Training Videos in the Panopto Educational Platform here