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Non-Merit Salary Increases

While it is strongly encouraged that any salary changes are addressed during the annual merit process, outlined below is the process to request non-merit salary increases for faculty, research faculty and research staff.

This form is not required for:

  • Merit increases given during reappointments not occurring on September 1 that conform to the year’s merit pool.
    • For FY24, the current merit pool is 4.5%.
  • Increases for postdoctoral fellows (see FSM Postdoctoral Fellow Stipend Policy).
  • Reclassifications of current employees between or to research faculty or research staff positions.

For regular staff requests, please refer to Feinberg's Position Management Process for additional details.


To request a non-merit salary increase, the below form should be completed in its entirety and approved prior to submission of position/appointment paperwork in OnBase:


  • If the type of request is Promotion, the form will be reviewed for the request of the salary increase portion only. The title change will still require approval by the Faculty Affairs Office following their standard process. The approved form should be attached when the promotion request is submitted to Faculty Affairs.
  • For NM Faculty, please submit the salary increase request to MD Comp for approval prior to completing the form.
  • For assistance with completing the online form, a worksheet is available to prepare requestors for gathering the necessary information prior to completing the online form. Additional guidance, including required information and approval workflows, may be found on the worksheet.


If the request has been approved, position/appointment forms to process the salary increase should be completed and submitted in OnBase with the approval notification attached as Supporting Documentation.