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MS in Health Services Outcomes Research

The Master of Science in Health Services and Outcomes Research (HSOR) is an optional degree program that orthopaedic and neurologic physical therapy residents can add to their plan of study.

Health services and outcomes research play a crucial role in informing the policymaking process, developing clinical practice improvements, reducing disparities and costs and shaping the future organization and delivery of healthcare.

The HSOR program trains physical therapy residents to:

  • Conduct methodologically sound research
  • Create new knowledge aimed at improving health services and outcomes
  • Secure grant funding to support their research



Physical therapy residents receive a discounted tuition rate of $3,200 per course capped at $32,000. Tuition for the summer coursework will be billed in monthly installments over the residency year. Tuition for the final three quarters following residency will be charged as $6,400 in the fall and winter quarters following residency and $4,800 in the spring quarter.

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