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Learning Environment Hub

The learning environment is one focus area of the NU-Chapter Lab. Our hub aims to engage in and promote research that explores the learning environment and its impact on fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging to enhance student well-being and learner engagement. 



 Publications & Presentations

Plack MM, Healey WE, Huhn K, Costello E, Maring J, Hilliard MJ. Navigating student challenges: from the lens of first-year Doctor of Physical Therapy students. Journal of Physical Therapy Education. 2022;36:76-86.

Costello E, Huh K, Healey WE, Hilliard MJ, Plack MM, Maring J. Exploration of grit, self-reflection and insight, and anxiety: a multisite study of Doctor of Physical Therapy students. Journal of Physical Therapy Education. 2022;36:196-204.

Plack MM, Hilliard MJ, Costello E, Huhn K, Maring J, Healey WE. Transformative learning emerging from challenges first-year students experienced. Journal of Physical Therapy Education. 2022; online ahead of print.

Griffith G, Healey WE, Ryan J, Huber G, Tappan RS. Hands-On Skills in a Virtual Training World: Teaching Exercise Testing and Training Online During COVID-19. Platform at Annual Physical Therapy Educational Leadership Conference 2021, Atlanta, GA.

Healey WE, Cygan H, Reed M, Huber G. Physical therapy student, nursing student and community partner perceptions of working together in a Chicago neighborhood afterschool program. Journal of Physical Therapy Education. 2018;32(2):191-198.


Contact the Learning Environment Team

Want to get involved with or have questions about the Learning Environment Hub? Email our co-directors: and Meet all our team members below.

headshot of Krista Van Der Laan

Krista Van Der Laan, PT, DPT
Learning Environment Hub Co-Director

headshot of Tobey Yeates

Tobey DeMott Yeates, PT, DPT
Learning Environment Hub Co-Director

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