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Postdoctoral Research Training Program for Doctors of Physical Therapy

We invite you to discover our Post-doctoral Research Training Program for Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) supported by the NIH-funded Research Training in Sensorimotor Neurorehabilitation (SNR) T32 grant. This constitutes the first NIH funded postdoctoral research training opportunity for DPT graduates in the U.S. Northwestern University has a long and recognized history in the study of motor control, motor disability and recovery, and neural reorganization, and in training physical therapists and movement and rehabilitation scientists. The goal of the SNR program is to provide DPT-trained individuals with the skills to develop into independent scientists who can address the growing need for neuroscience-based rehabilitation solutions. Applicants to the program should have some research experience or have graduated from a research-intensive Doctoral Physical Therapy program. The Sensorimotor Neurorehabilitation training program features:
  • A thorough foundation in the neurobiology of sensorimotor function and control, including translation of insights between animal and human research models
  • The instruction of fundamental engineering experimental methods for measurement and analysis of neuronal and musculoskeletal sensory and motor function
  • Interdisciplinary training that promotes collaboration among clinicians and scientists in training
  • Professional development training to support future rehabilitation research career success
  • NIH-funded postdoctoral fellowship


Funding is provided by the Research Training in Sensorimotor Neurorehabilitation T32 grant (T32HD101395, PI: CJ Heckman).


DPT postdoctoral Fellowship application form

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