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Board of Directors


Top row left to right: Teri Jo Lientz, Jean Rogers, George Cachares, Beth Amoroso, Clay Schewe, Aben Cooper, Jon Go. Bottom row left to right: Kathryn Brito, Margot McCloy, Sally Edelsberg, Suzie Coleman, Cathy Irwin.

The Northwestern University Physical Therapy Alumni Association Board of Directors has 16 elected members, with a minimum of five from the Chicago area. They are in place to serve as the official voice of the association and act as channels of communication between alumni and the Department of Physical Therapy & Human Movement Sciences. Read our alumni board rules.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Interim President: Aben Cooper, 1995, Chicago, IL
  • Interim Vice President: George Cachares, 1981, Orland Park, IL


  • Beth Amoroso, 2005, West Hartford, CT
  • Kathryn Brito, 2018, Gurnee, IL
  • Suzie Coleman, 1995, Glenview, IL
  • Jon Go, 2012, Troy, MI
  • Cathy Irwin, 1985, Glenview, IL
  • Aleks Kerzee-Stamatelopoulos, 2010, Elmhurst, IL
  • Teri Jo Lientz, 1995, Tacoma, WA
  • Margot McCloy, 2006, Burr Ridge, IL
  • Jean Rogers, 1971, Chicago, IL
  • Clay Schewe, 2014, Machesney Park, IL
  • Suzanne Semanson, 2006, New York, NY
  • Keyra Thurn, 2018, Chicago, IL
  • Katherine Tucker, 2005, Naperville, IL
  • Sally Edelsberg (Honorary Member), Chicago, IL

Department Liaisons

Emily Becker, Director of Communications, Development, and Alumni Relations

Toby Sanders, Program Coordinator 

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