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Northwestern Medicine Acute Care Physical Therapy Residency

The Northwestern Medicine Acute Care Residency is accredited by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residencies and Fellowships as a post-professional residency program for physical therapists in acute care physical therapy.

Program Objectives:

  • Residents complete education, clinical training, and mentorship that reflect our hospital’s Analysis of Acute Care PT Practice to prepare them to obtain ABPTS board certification as clinical specialists in acute care physical therapy as soon as it becomes available.
  • Residents will demonstrate advanced, efficient, and effective skills in acute care PT practice with a variety of patient populations and conditions consistent with our hospital’s Analysis of Acute Care PT Practice (and DRP when it becomes available).
  • Residents will demonstrate specialist-level knowledge and clinical reasoning so that examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, interventions, and outcome decisions are consistently based on the three pillars of evidence-based practice.
  • Residents will develop advanced skills as educators to share knowledge and best evidence in acute care practice with patients, caregivers, students, colleagues, and interdisciplinary partners.
  • Residents will demonstrate skills in research and quality improvement methodology through exposure to a variety of projects and participation in a project related to acute care physical therapy.
  • Residency graduates will contribute to the growth and development of acute care physical therapy within Northwestern Medicine and the broader society.

Please download the residency information packet (PDF) for more information. The packet is updated annually in September, just prior to the opening of the application cycle.

To attain the residency information packet and for more information please access the website, click here

Applicants may apply through RF-PTCAS. The current cycle opens on October 1.

Program outcomes:

Northwestern Medicine Acute Care Residency Outcomes


Cohort #1

Cohort #2

Cohort #3

Cohort #4

Cohort #5

Cohort #6

Cohort #7









# of residents admitted








# of residents graduated









% who graduated









For more information, contact Andrea Williams at and/or 312-926-6409.

Current Acute Care Residents

Melinda Rudnick PT, DPT

rudnick_melinda_pt_dpt_20231101_mpp0493.jpgDr. Rudnick is a graduate of the University of the Pacific Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Her clinical training site is at Northwestern Medicine.

Pooja Patel PT, DPT

patel_pooja_pt_dpt_20231101_mpp0459.jpgDr. Patel is a graduate of the Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement  Sciences of Physical Therapy program. Her clinical practice is at Northwestern Memorial Hospital 



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