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Performance Review: Guide for Faculty

Members of the faculty are the most valuable asset of the Feinberg School of Medicine, and the School is committed to the career development and promotion of its faculty members. While faculty members are encouraged to meet with their Chair and/or Division Chief at any time, all faculty members receive faculty performance reviews as part of the process of ensuring their career and professional development.

Faculty members at the ranks of Instructor and Assistant Professor participate in annual performance reviews, while those at the ranks of Associate Professor and Professor participate in performance reviews at least every three years. In the case of Associate Professors and Professors on the Clinician-Educator and Team Scientist tracks, the reviews and meetings occur prior to expiration of their current 3-year appointment term.

Performance Review Process

The performance review process is overseen by the Department Chair and administered using the Feinberg Faculty Portal, in accordance with Feinberg's policy on faculty performance reviews. For faculty, there are three phases to the performance review process.

Each Department Chair determines the timing of the annual performance review cycle for their unit. Department administrators notify their faculty when the performance review cycle opens and communicate deadlines for completion of the process.

When it is time to complete your performance review:

  1. Log in to the Feinberg Faculty Portal (Chrome is the preferred browser)
  2. Follow this Quick Reference for Completing Your Self-Evaluation to submit your performance review

Additional Resources

After faculty complete their self-evaluations, the Department Chair (or designee, such as Division Chief) meets with each faculty member to discuss performance, which includes the following:

  • Review of the faculty member’s accomplishments, ongoing activities, and goals
  • Feedback on academic performance, career progress, and eligibility for promotion and/or reappointment

Following the performance review meeting, the Chair/Chief documents a summary of performance feedback in the Feinberg Faculty Portal. The feedback will be visible to the faculty member (and any staff member who can emulate the faculty member). The date when the performance review meeting occurred is also recorded in the Feinberg Faculty Portal.

Resources for Chairs/Chiefs

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