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Prepare Your Packet

Requirements for the promotion packet vary by rank and career track and are summarized in the table below, which is also available in the appendices of the Information Guide for Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure. Document templates and tips for preparing elements of your promotion/tenure packet are available at the bottom of this page.

required elements of promotion packet by faculty career track
  1. T=Tenured; TE= Tenure-eligible; NTE=Non-tenure-eligible

  2. These optional CV supplements may be submitted by faculty on any career track: (1) Quality Improvement Initiatives, (2) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives, (3) Development and Leadership of Clinical Initiatives, (4) Public and Population Health Initiatives, and (5) Global Health Initiatives.

Packet Documents

Most elements of the promotion/tenure packet can be produced manually or generated from the Feinberg Faculty Portal (FFP), if you have maintained your career activity there. Review the information below to access document templates or learn how to generate the documents electronically from the FFP. If you choose to use the FFP, you do not have to use it for all documents. You are welcome to prepare some documents manually and generate some electronically.