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Letter from Program Leader

This letter is required in the promotion packet only for the following career tracks:

  1. Team Scientists in the research domain
    Team Scientists should obtain a letter from a program leader at Northwestern who can attest to the essential contributions the Team Scientist makes as a key collaborator. For example, the program leader may be another faculty member who is principal investigator for a grant on which the Team Scientist contributes.
  2. Faculty on the Research Track
    Research Faculty should obtain a letter from a program leader (i.e., principal investigator or director of core facility) to document the unique collaborative contribution of the faculty member to programmatic research and/or describe how the candidate’s activities contribute to research excellence at the Feinberg School of Medicine or contribute to the excellence and impact of a research support facility.

Save your file using this file naming convention: LastName Letter from ProgramLeaderLastName (e.g., Simpson Letter from Burns)