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Frequently Asked Questions


 What is my netID and/or university email address?

Faculty are notified of their Northwestern University netID and email address shortly after the faculty appointment is approved. If you cannot remember your netID or email address, you may look them up by following these steps:

  1. Search for your name in the Northwestern University directory.
  2. Click the "more" link underneath your name in the directory to see both your netID and email address.

 I forgot or don't know my netID password. How can I reset it?

  1. To activate your netID and establish a password, go to NU Validate.
  2. Enter your netID and click "forgot your password."
  3. You will be asked to answer a series of security questions, after which you can choose a password. Going forward, you will be able to access your account with this password.

 How do I access my Northwestern University email account?

You can access your Northwestern University email account online using webmail. You will need your netID and password in order to log in.

Faculty Profiles

 How do I edit my profile?

The information on your faculty profile comes from multiple sources. View the Quick Reference on Feinberg Faculty Profiles for an overview and to learn how to make updates. For items that you can update directly, log into the Feinberg Faculty Portal to make the update. It is the responsibility of faculty members to add content and build a profile that reflects their contributions to Feinberg and their specialty.

 How do I update my photo?

Please visit the Faculty Photos page for information on how to update your photo or attend a photo shoot.

 Can I link to my personal website from my faculty profile?

If you have developed an academic website that focuses on your research or educational activity, you may contact to request that it be added to your faculty profile. Your website will be reviewed and displayed on your profile at the discretion of the Feinberg Dean's Office. Your site must meet the criteria established in the Feinberg Website Development Policy and only one site can be added to your profile.