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Annual Promotion & Tenure Information Program

The Faculty Affairs Office hosts an annual program to explain the promotion and tenure process. It covers promotion criteria for each career track, the timeline for the annual promotion and tenure cycle, and tips for preparing a successful application. The program is recommended for:

  • Faculty planning to go up for promotion in the next 1-2 years who need to understand specific steps or recent changes to the process
  • Faculty early in their career who want an overview of the process to facilitate career planning 
  • Department leaders (faculty or administrators) who administer the promotion and tenure process for their department or counsel faculty on career advancement

Review the Program

The next program will be scheduled in spring 2023. In the meantime, review slides and a recording of the program that occurred on April 11, 2022:

  • Download the slides
  • Access the recording
    The recording is accessible via Northwestern University SharePoint (you won't be able to access via a hospital instance of SharePoint). If you use an email address that does not end with "" make sure to follow both steps below in order:
    1. Log into the Northwestern University Microsoft 365 Portal using netID and password.
    2. Then open the recording
      Note: If you click on the recording link before doing step 1, you will be asked for your email address. If you enter an email address that ends with something other than "", Microsoft will not recognize that you are connected to NU, so you won't see the recording. 
  • Review the Information Guide for Appointments, Promotion and Tenure
    Our information guide is updated regularly and intended to provide transparency and assist faculty members in planning for and achieving promotion and/or tenure. It is referenced in the annual promotion & tenure information program.

Table of Contents

Below is a menu to help you navigate the video and slide deck so that you can focus on the content most relevant to you.

  1. 00:00:00 - Introduction: slides 1-3
  2. 00:01:12 - Teaching Opportunities, presented by Marianne Green: slides 4-9 
  3. 00:07:55 - Career Tracks and Promotions at Feinberg, presented by William Lowe: slides 10-47
    In this section, it is recommended that you view the content relevant to all and the content for your own career track:
    • 00:07:55 - General Overview (relevant to all): slides 10-15
    • 00:12:04 - Investigator Track: slides 16-21
    • 00:20:20 - Clinician-Educator Track: slides 22-28
    • 00:27:11 - Team Scientist Track: slides 29-33
    • 00:29:56 - Research Faculty Track: slides 34-38
    • 00:34:20 - Applying for Promotion or Tenure (relevant to all): slides 39-47
  4. 00:47:14 - Promotion & Tenure: Behind the Scenes, presented by Marcie Weiss: slide 48
  5. 00:53:30 - Preparing the Promotion Packet: Strategies and Tips for Success, presented by Mercedes Carnethon: slides 49-63
  6. 01:07:12 - Q&A: slide 64
  7. Supplementary Material & Resources: slides 65-68
    This section has tips on using the Feinberg Faculty Portal and links to resources; it is not covered in the recording.