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Annual Promotion & Tenure Information Program

The Faculty Affairs Office hosts an annual program to explain the promotion and tenure process. It covers promotion criteria for each career track, the timeline for the annual promotion and tenure cycle, and tips for preparing a successful application. The program is recommended for:

  • Faculty planning to go up for promotion in the next 1-2 years who need to understand specific steps or recent changes to the process
  • Faculty early in their career who want an overview of the process to facilitate career planning 
  • Department leaders (faculty or administrators) who administer the promotion and tenure process for their department or counsel faculty on career advancement

Review the Program

In March 2024, the Faculty Affairs Office hosted two sessions of this program, one for faculty on the clinician-educator track and one for faculty on research intensive career tracks. View the slides (the same slide deck served both sessions).

A few key highlights from the program included:

This annual program will next occur in spring 2025.