For Faculty

As faculty, you are the single most important resource of the medical school. The quality and success of the institution depend upon the intellectual environment created by an outstanding faculty and your continuing commitment to our academic mission. The Faculty Affairs Office maintains information and resources for faculty regarding appointments, policies, promotion and tenure. For more information about the processes and policies that impact faculty life, please use the links below.

  • Your Online Presence
    Find out how to best manage your online presence and track your career achievements.
  • Appointments
    Understand your faculty appointment, which sets expectations for your career at Feinberg.
  • Performance Review
    Learn how to complete your performance review.
  • Promotion & Tenure
    Prepare a strong promotion/tenure packet.
  • Organizations
    Learn about the organizations that represent or serve faculty.
Faculty counseling

Faculty Wellness

Our Faculty Wellness Program connects medical school faculty with a variety of resources for stress management, mental health care, substance abuse assistance and more.

Explore the Program
Dr. Yancy

Diversity & Inclusion

Both Northwestern University and Feinberg School of Medicine offer resources to help faculty embrace diversity and foster inclusion. Visit their sites to learn more.

Faculty Career Development

Browse the many programs, services and resources Feinberg offers to assist faculty as they develop their careers.


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