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CV & Reports of Achievement

Feinberg has a standard CV format that faculty are expected to use when documenting their career accomplishments because doing so facilitates equity in faculty review and evaluation processes. If you maintain your career activity in the Feinberg Faculty Portal, you can generate your Feinberg Standard CV, as well as other records of career achievement, including documents that make up your promotion/tenure packet.


 Feinberg Standard CV

There are two options for maintaining your CV:

 Publication List

Your publication list is included in your CV, but if you wish to generate a stand-alone list of your publications for a particular time period, you can do so from within the Feinberg Faculty Portal using this guide. When selecting the template, choose Publications & Scholarly Works.

For additional information on how your publication list is maintained within the Feinberg Faculty Portal, view the Publications page.

 Promotion and Tenure Documents

Visit the Prepare Your Packet page to learn what documents are required for promotion and tenure packets, along with tips for how to prepare them effectively. Many of the promotion/tenure documents can be produced electronically from the Feinberg Faculty Portal using this guide as well.

 Performance Review Summary

The performance review summary is generated from the Feinberg Faculty Portal and reviewed during the department's annual faculty performance review process; the document applies filters to show only career activity that occurred during the one-year period under review. Faculty can generate this form year-round using this guide, and in doing so can expand or customize the date range to see past performance review periods, or preview their report in preparation for the next review cycle. Visit the Faculty Performance Review page for more information on the annual review process.