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Your CV is the foundation of your promotion/tenure packet, providing the most comprehensive accounting of your achievements. We require promotion/tenure applicants to use the Feinberg CV template to facilitate equity in the review and evaluation process. 

Save your file using this file naming convention: LastName CV (e.g., Simpson CV)

There are two options for creating your CV:

  1. Feinberg CV template: You may create your CV manually, using this template as a guide. 
  2. Feinberg Faculty Portal: You have the option of generating your CV from the Feinberg Faculty Portal if you have invested the time to enter your accomplishments throughout your career history. (The system is relatively new and many faculty have not yet added their full career history, so you are not required to use this option). After you have entered your activities and accomplishments in the system, run the CV template titled Feinberg Standard CV (set the date range to all), which has been configured for promotion and tenure review.


  • Proofread your CV and be attentive to detail; a poorly prepared CV reflects poorly on the applicant
  • Ensure formatting is consistent throughout
  • When listing publications:
    • Place them in chronological order, or reverse chronological order if exporting from the Feinberg Faculty Portal (that system only offers reverse chronological ordering of publications); presenting in time order is important so that reviewers can assess your productivity and trajectory over time
    • List all authors in the order they appear on the publication 
    • Recommended: put your name in bold font so that your contribution stands out
  • When listing grant awards, follow the format established on the CV template, making sure to document your role and the direct costs you received
  • Do not include sensitive information such as your social security number
  • Sections of the CV template that do not apply to you may be skipped, but the sections that do apply should be listed in the order established in the template
  • If you have achievements in additional areas not represented on the CV template, you may add them at the end of the CV (or add sub-sections at the end of sections within the template, as appropriate)