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Medical Student Clerkship

The Department of Radiation Oncology faculty members are very involved in teaching and mentoring medical students. 

thomas-150x225.jpgTarita Thomas, MD, delivers an introduction to radiation oncology to all medical students through her M2 lecture and also runs the clerkship program, advising medical students who are interested in pursuing the radiation oncology specialty. One or two students are rotating through the department at any given time, with a total of approximately 15 students per year. An exploratory rotation lasts for two weeks, while those who have committed to the specialty participate in a four-week rotation. The latter are required to give a one-hour presentation at the rotation’s end.

For more details about the information about clerkship eligibility and application requirements, see the Visiting MD Students section of the Education site. You’ll find the latest elective catalog and appropriate contact information.

MD Teaching Opportunities

Passionate teachers are critical to the success of Feinberg medical students. The Augusta Webster Office of Medical Education is looking for Feinberg faculty to inspire future leaders by teaching in our MD Program. We offer teaching formats and schedules that can accommodate your needs.