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Our Training Facilities

Residents and students have the opportunity to work with and learn about advanced equipment and therapies as part of their clinical training in our leading-edge, Feinberg-affiliated, clinical facilities. Therapies and devices used at these Northwestern Medicine care sites include:

  • Low-dose rate brachytherapy
  • High-dose rate brachytherapy
  • Hyperthermia
  • Elekta Gamma Knife which provides automated patient positioning within the unit
  • Linear accelerators (linacs) that deliver x-ray beams (4 MV to 18 MV) and electron beams (6 MeV to 20 MeV)-Five
  • 3D, 4D and Image guided/ treatment capabilities
  • Treatment planning systems
    • ADAC Pinnacle system (external beam therapy)
    • Nucletron PlATO system (HDR treatments)
    • Prowess workstation (prostate seed implants and LDR brachytherapy)
    • Elekta GammaPlan workstation