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Chief Residents' Message

Northwestern’s Radiation Oncology Residency Program offers a blend of high clinical volume and a wide breadth of treatment modalities through Feinberg-affiliated Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) and research opportunities and education/mentorship from our faculty. Our clinical experience is further strengthened by seeing a diverse group of patients and attending informative multidisciplinary tumor boards. What makes our department unique is the collegiality among not only the faculty and residents but all the Northwestern Medicine clinical staff. Everyone contributes to a team focused on creating a positive experience for the NMH patients. 

Finally, our program is located in the heart of downtown Chicago. We often coordinate group events after work hours, taking advantage of all the city has to offer.


Amishi Bajaj, MD
Chief Resident, Radiation Oncology Residency

Seung-won Seol

Nikhil Rammohan, MD, PhD
Chief Resident, Radiation Oncology Residency