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Jules Dewald, PhD

The Dewald lab team

Neuroimaging & Motor Control Laboratory

The Neuroimaging Laboratory conducts multimodality imaging work (e.g., high-density EEG, MRI, fMRI, DTI) to understand the neuromechanisms underlying movement disorders following injury to the nervous system. The goal of this research is to guide the development of new therapeutic interventions, informed by our increased understanding of these neuromechanisms and ultimately help individuals with different impairments to gain improved motor function. The laboratory has done pioneering work in explaining the motor impairments following stroke and is now applying similar methods in children with hemiparesis. Work in the laboratory is supported by funding from NIH, NIDRR and AHA.


Principal Investigator

Collaborating Faculty

Collaborating Staff

  • Sabeen Admani, MS
  • Mark Cummings

PhD Students

  • Drew Beauchamp - BME
  • Grace Bellinger, MS - NUIN
  • May Ninghe Cai - NUIN
  • Lindsay Garmirian, DPT - BME
  • Vatsala Goyal - BME
  • Altamash Hassan - BME
  • Nayo Hill, DPT - BME
  • Haleh Karbasforoushan - NUIN
  • Joe Kopke, DPT - BME
  • Jacqueline Patterson - NUIN
  • Thomas Plaisier - BME
  • Kathleen Suvada - NUIN
  • Kevin Wilkins - NUIN

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