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The Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Department of Anesthesiology utilizes the physician-led anesthesia care team (ACT) approach to patient care involving the collaboration of anesthesiologists, fellows, residents, certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs), and anesthesia technicians.  Our team of over 75 CRNAs provides anesthesia care for many types of surgical procedures including neurosurgery, vascular, trauma, and plastics, transplants, and other non-operating room anesthesia procedures (NORA). CRNAs administer general, neuraxial, and monitored anesthesia care for scheduled and emergency surgical, obstetric, and diagnostic procedures throughout the Northwestern medical campus. In partnership with our anesthesiologist colleagues, our goal is to provide high-quality, safe anesthesia care while adhering to our Patients First mission.


Derek Morley

Chief CRNA

Nicole Mesirow

CRNA Operations Manager


Abby Pairitz, CRNA

Andre Bennett, CRNA

Anita Sheridan, CRNA

Ann Munoz, CRNA

Ashley Jones, CRNA

Ashley Wurzer, CRNA

Austin Tucker, CRNA

Beth Harms, CRNA

Bettina Torres, CRNA

Betty Mestousis, APN, CRNA

Blair Hauflaire, CRNA

Bonnie Malik, CRNA

Cady Carman, CRNA

Carissa Miara, CRNA

Carmel Santos, CRNA

Carolyn Otto, CRNA

Cheryl Nitekman, CRNA

Christine Salvator, CRNA

Darcy Myers, CRNA

David Clanton, CRNA

Deborah Butler, CRNA

Decelle Enriquez, CRNA

Derek Morley, CRNA

Eileen Dollear, CRNA

Elisabeth Prehm, CRNA

Elise Marren, CRNA

Emily Heinowski, CRNA

Erika Ociepka, CRNA

Eun Mee Ju, CRNA

Florina Sylaj, CRNA

Germaine Rubens, CRNA

Gina Oushana, CRNA

Giny Tharayil, CRNA

Inne Flaherty, CRNA

Irma Mendez, CRNA

Jaclyn Migliarese, CRNA

James Wong, CRNA

Jamie Cieslak, CRNA

Jenny Wood, CRNA

Jen Johnston, CRNA

Jenny Wood, CRNA

Jeremy Carlsen, CRNA

Joanna Niewiara, CRNA

John Hayes, CRNA

Josephine LiMandri, CRNA

Julane Clarke, CRNA

Kara Southard, CRNA

Karen Nelson, CRNA

Katherine Kern, CRNA

Kathy McLaughlin, CRNA

Katie Diamond, CRNA

Kelsey Simoens, CRNA

Kenyetta Woodard, CRNA

Kim Garcia, CRNA

Kristy Crededio, CRNA

Lauren Latuszek, CRNA

Lexi Burkhalter, CRNA

Libby Fugate, CRNA

Mandy Hartman, CRNA

Margaret Hartig, CRNA

Marti McGraw, CRNA

Matt Sprayberry, CRNA

Michael Alexa, CRNA

Michael Gruber, CRNA

Michael Quidort, CRNA

Michael Ventrella, CRNA

Molly Wenzel, CRNA

Morgan Buko, CRNA

Nancy DeCorrevont, CRNA

Nicole Mesirow, CRNA

Omar Helal, CRNA

Rachael Tse, CRNA

Renee Kryscio, CRNA

Ryan Twilley, CRNA

Samantha Anderson, CRNA

Sarah Galvin, CRNA

Sharon Ryan, CRNA

Sherwin Samson, CRNA

Sonney Ziegahn, CRNA

Stacy Jones, CRNA

Sue Carpenter, CRNA

Theresa Paje, CRNA

Tricia Oakes, CRNA

Yen Tai, CRNA

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