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Emergency Medicine Clerkship

This clerkship consists of 13 eight-hour shifts, two to three night shifts and four to five weekend shifts. Students are expected to arrive on time and participate in sign-out. They may see any patient and will function as a sub-intern, presenting to the attending or senior EM resident, making all necessary calls and performing all necessary procedures. Absences must be excused and are at the discretion of Dr. Kontrick.

  Program Objectives (Competencies)

 Clerkship Goals & Objectives

 Assessment & EPAs

You’ll have one evaluation per shift, completed by an attending or senior resident. You are also required to have two nursing evaluations completed.

A computer-based National Board of Medical Educators shelf exam will be given on the last Friday of the clerkship. The grading for the NBME shelf exam will be Pass/Fail. The clerkship will use the published Hofstee Recommended Standard from the most recent year as the Pass/Fail cut point. All students who achieve a score of Pass on the shelf will receive full points towards their final grade.

 Required Clerkship Clinical Experiences (Clerklog) & Tools

The conferences and group simulation session you will attend all have required readings. They will be provided to you at a later time.

 Policies & Procedures


Dr. Matthew R Klein
Emergency Medicine Clerkship Director


Jillian Hutchison
Clerkship Coordinator
Phone 312-926-5874