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Registration & Records FAQ

General Questions

 What is the best way to contact the registrar?

The registrar is located in the Office of Medical Education, Ward 1-003. The registrar makes every attempt to maintain an open-door policy. For your convenience, questions and concerns may be emailed to The registrar may also be reached by phone at 312-503-4070 or fax at 312-503-0715.

 How do I request a transcript?

Information about requesting a transcript and other academic records is available here.

 What do I do if I am summoned for jury duty?

On occasion, medical students will receive summons to serve as jurors either locally or from their home jurisdiction. If you feel you are unable to fulfill this civic obligation due to enrollment in a class or clerkship, please contact

 How do I officially change my name?

If you have had a recent name change, please meet briefly with the Medical School Register to officially change your name within the University systems. Student must bring all of the following:

  • Official legal document showing name change
  • Social security card with new name
  • Driver's license with new name

Registrar will view these documents only. Student will complete a brief form during this meeting. Once registrar has made the name change, all University systems will be updated with the new name within 24 hours.

 How do I sign up for non-medical school classes at Northwestern University?

Contact the medical school registrar, who will provide a dual registration form for you to complete. The registrar has a schedule of available Kellogg classes. Please refer to the SPS website for course offerings and availability.

 Where can I get my USMLE application certified?

  • Complete your portion of the USMLE form.
  • Attach a picture of yourself and submit it to the registrar along with the USMLE form.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the form will be completed and mailed to the USMLE within three business days of receipt.

 How do I change my clinical clerkship/elective schedule?

You can add and drop many courses on your own in OASIS. For courses with special permissions or that are currently full, you can add yourself to the waiting list, and we will contact you if a spot becomes available. Please be aware there is a strict three week add/drop deadline for all courses. Please contact with any questions.

 Where can I view my schedule, grades and narrative evaluations?

OASIS is our online scheduling system

Required clerkship grades and narratives are completed in eMerg. Elective and selective grades and narratives are completed in the Student Evaluation System.

 Where can I complete the online evaluation of my required clerkships?

Clerkship and elective course evaluations are completed in eMerg.

 I am applying for an externship and need the registrar to complete a portion of my form.

 How do I qualify for reimbursement for clerkship travel?

Transcript Questions

 Can I request an unofficial transcript?

Current MD students may request unofficial transcripts be sent to their Northwestern email address by sending request to Unofficial transcripts cannot be issued to alumni.

 How can I place a transcript order?

All students are encouraged to place their transcript order online through Parchment. This is the easiest and most efficient way to place an order for either a traditional paper transcript or electronic transcript delivery.

 I am a former student trying to create an account on Parchment. Parchment is telling me I already have an account, but I don’t recall creating one.

If you do not remember creating an account, please give us a call at 312-503-4070 to assist with account look up.

 I have a form that needs to be attached to my transcript. How can I get the form sent to you?

When placing the order online through Parchment, you have the option to upload additional forms to be attached to the transcript order.

 I just graduated. Can I still order a transcript through CAESAR?

After you graduate (separation from NU) you should still have access to CAESAR for approximately 6 months. See the IT site for help if you can’t remember your NETID and password.

 Can I request FedEx delivery?

No, MD transcripts may be picked up from our office, delivered via USPS or sent electronically.

 I have hold on my transcript. Can I order a transcript?

No. Students and alumni cannot request transcripts if they have a transcript hold.

 Can I get a refund after I place my transcript order?

No refunds will be issued once the order has been submitted.