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Health Equity Scholars Volunteer Opportunity 

The Center for Health Equity Transformation (CHET) aims to lift health for all by exposing root causes of health inequities and serving as a hub that pushes boundaries in research, education, workforce development, and community engagement. The Health Equity Scholars program is a volunteer opportunity that provides individuals with three to six months of substantive experience contributing to academic and professional learning around health inequities in Chicago. Scholars will have the opportunity to strengthen skills in research, analysis, collaboration, communication, and creative problem-solving to address complex social issues using intersectional approaches.  

Scholars will be paired with a CHET staff supervisor based on their area of interest and may work with a variety of Chicago-based organizations that influence health equity work. Students and applicants from underrepresented backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. This program is available to the general public and those who are affiliated with Northwestern. If applicable, current students can request to have this experience qualify for academic credit (e.g., practicum or internship).  

Please complete the Health Equity Scholar Application here. You will be able to indicate in which of the following areas below you are most interested in getting involved. 

Apply Here

Although we are accepting applications on a rolling basis for the Health Equity Scholars program, we tend to find the most need at the beginning of the academic calendar and at the start of summer break.  


  • Recruit research participants and conduct interviews/focus groups 
  • Learn how to perform a literature search and review on a specific research topic 
  • Understand basic research design and how it applies to health equity projects 
  • Develop your own research question based on specific interests as it relates to health equity 
  • Understand the design thinking approach and how it relates to solving complex population health problems 
  • Perform basic statistical analysis/data summaries including visual aids such as graphs or figures 


  • Research and analyze existing policies that either perpetuate inequities or were created to close equity gaps 
  • Brainstorm and develop ideas for translating our health equity research and work into public policy that can create systemic changes 
  • Provide support in meetings with diverse policy stakeholders (e.g., researchers, community leaders, policymakers, etc.) 
  • Write summaries of policies in effect or policy proposals for a broad audience 

Community Engagement (requires visits to offsite locations in various Chicago neighborhoods [after COVID-19 closures end; remote for now], including during weekends and evenings) 

  • Outreach and table at community events 
  • Develop and conduct educational workshops 
  • Assist in coordinating and organizing community events 
  • Identify and develop relationships and potential collaborations with community partners  

Education Programs

  • Recruit, promote, and conduct outreach for our workforce development programs and online electronic tools 
  • Develop and implement programming and training opportunities for research trainees and fellows 
  • Assist with developing remote learning curriculum and structure 
  • Organize our health equity youth leadership conference 

Art (e.g., visual mediums, storytelling)  

  • Paint wall mural at our office 
  • Help develop and conduct workshops 
  • Showcase artwork at tabling events, workshops, and CHETchats 
  • Create illustrations, photographs, and other forms of art for projects and events

Social Media & Digital Engagement 

  • Draft posts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn 
  • Provide support with our podcast 
  • Create content for our website and social media profiles 
  • Promote CHET events 
  • Track engagement trends and metrics 

 Communications/Graphic Design/Web Support 

  • Manage website content 
  • Identify equity-promoting resources to add to our website (e.g., through online searches, word of mouth, etc.) 
  • Provide support in developing newsletters 
  • Create marketing materials such as flyers, reports, etc. Develop infographics and presentation posters 

Administrative Support 

  • Help plan on-campus/webinar event and coordinate programming 
  • Manage miscellaneous administrative tasks (e.g., event registration/sign-in, catering, etc.)  


  • Tell us what you can contribute to our team that's not already listed above! 


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