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Vision, Mission and Values


The best possible health for all people


Advancing collaborative research and education that improves health and well-being for all individuals and their communities



  • Impact: We aspire to having impact beyond academia, to the benefit of practice, policy, culture, community, and the health and well-being of all people and society
  • Justice: We seek to identify, dismantle, and replace all policies, practices, attitudes and cultural messages that reinforce or fail to eliminate differential outcomes by race, ethnicity, language, age, or sexual or gender identity
  • Health Equity: We aspire to improve the health for all people, eliminating disparities, and advancing equity
  • Diversity: We strive for diversity and inclusion in our workforce and our partnerships
  • Respect: We value honesty, transparency, and the unique contributions made by all collaborators and partners
  • Collaboration: We regard collaboration among diverse people and organizations as essential for maximizing innovation and impact
  • Research Excellence: We stand for exceptional and ethical science and for methodologic rigor
  • Sharing Knowledge and Benefits: We value the sharing of what we know and learn with all collaborators and stakeholders


  • Provide a nexus for multidisciplinary collaboration among academic and stakeholder experts
  • Invest in partnerships, people, and research programs that advance population health & health equity
  • Support Centers that bring together people and research programs that share common goals, methods, & partners

Methodologic Strengths

  • Partnership brokering with public health & community stakeholders
  • Development, measurement, & analysis of patient reported outcomes
  • Harmonization & analysis of public health, clinical, & research data
  • Quasi-experimental & mixed methods research to inform interventions, policy, and practice
  • Practical use of the NM Enterprise Data Warehouse for planning and conducting research
  • Pragmatic trials that leverage the largest academically affiliated healthcare delivery system in Illinois
  • Biostatistical and econometric methods essential to rigorous comparative effectiveness research

Activities for Stimulating & Supporting Multidisciplinary Research

  • Large and small group events, bringing together scientific and stakeholder communities
  • Individual consultations with members and stakeholder groups
  • Group consultations (studios) for partnership and proposal development purposes
  • Assistance acquiring institutional pilot grants and/or vouchers
  • Communication briefs for dissemination to the press and targeted stakeholder groups
  • Weekly IPHAM Seminars – presentations on new research or provocative issues
  • Partnering with Feinberg departmental leaders to recruit new faculty to NU/IPHAM
  • Collaboration & grants management support for large center grants/contracts

Stimulating & Supportive Education & Career Development

  • Educational programs for certificate or degree credit
    • Health Services & Outcomes Research (certificate; MS; PhD)
    • Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety (certificate; MS; PhD)
    • Public Health (MPH – Generalist or concentration in Epidemiology; Community Health; or Global Health)
    • Biostatistics (MS)
    • Medical Humanities & Bioethics (MA)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship Training (T32) in Health Services and Outcomes Research
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research K12 Program (NU-PATIENT)
  • Learning Health Systems Research Training K12 Program (ACCELERAT)
  • Mentoring for junior faculty members on K or other career development awards

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