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Healthy Control Esophageal Registry and Biorepository

This study is being done to compare how the esophagus and upper stomach work in people who have Scleroderma with symptoms of reflux disease or difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) to healthy controls. We will collect skin, esophageal and stomach biopsies (small pieces of tissue) to be used for several studies.
Must not be:
- Obese (i.e. BMI ≥30)
- Known medical illnesses that could affect esophageal function, gene expression or histology
- Have a diagnosis of an eating disorder
- Have a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease
- A current or previous smoker (smoked >100 cigarettes in lifetime)
- Have a history of alcohol abuse or addiction or score of 2 or higher on the CAGE questionnaire
- Taking antacids and/or proton pump inhibitors for heartburn
- Allergies to Fentanyl or Midolazam (sedatives used during endoscopy)
- Allergies to Lidocaine (Lidocaine anesthetic jelly used during manometry).
- Pregnant or nursing (hormones associated with pregnancy and lactation are known to affect esophageal function)
Carlson, Dustin AllanCarlson, Dustin Allan
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