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Research Cores Committee

The FSM Research Cores Committee reviews funding applications and acts in an advisory capacity. The committee is composed of nine full-time faculty serving three-year terms, with one-third of the committee rotating each year. The current roster is listed below.

Rex Chisholm, PhD
Vice Dean for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies

Jeffrey Weiss, PhD, Chair
Director for Research Core Planning



Ed Thorp, PhD
Associate Professor, Pathology

Shi-Yuan Cheng, PhD
Professor, Neurology

Lee Cooper, PhD
Associate Professor, Pathology

Eva Gottwein, PhD
Associate Professor, Microbiology-Immunology

Daniela Matei, MD
Professor, Medicine, Hematology Oncology division

Paul Burridge, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pharmacology

William A Muller, MD, PhD
Professor, Pathology

Tsutomu Kume, PhD
Professor, Medicine (Cardiology)

Alexander Stegh, PhD
Associate Professor, Neurology