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Research Policies

Feinberg Research is committed to keeping investigators and administrators aware of policies that may impact their work. Find our policies below.

Reallocating Laboratory Space

The following policy applies only to Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine labs.

Laboratory space is a critical asset of long‐term strategic plan for academic growth. Allocation of space to individual faculty is based primarily on the legacy of extramural funding in defined space providing a total award dollars per square foot (sq.ft.) calculation, and in the case of new recruitment, where a designated ramp‐up period and targeted growth is matched to space needs that are negotiated as part of any start‐up package.

The productivity target for individual faculty in wet lab space is $850/sq.ft. and $1,600/sq.ft. for dry lab space. The $/sq.ft. is calculated periodically by the school looking back over 12 to 24 months from various points in the academic, federal or calendar year.

While grant funding can be variable over time, individual faculty with assigned space whose $/sq.ft. remains well below productivity targets for two consecutive fiscal years may be asked, when needed, to relocate, reduce or forefeit the footprint of their space to meet available research dollars on request of their department, institute or center. The Vice Dean for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies will recommend to the school and its administrative units any needed adjustments to individual space allocations.

Social Media Usage for Investigators

Visit the Feinberg Communications page for up-to-date guidance on social media communications for official and individual profiles.


For guidelines on authorship, follow the principles set forth by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors

Feinberg Policies

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