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2021-2022 Rotation Calendar

Based on the updated guidance from the Coalition for Physician Accountability,  we are planning to begin hosting domestic visiting students for in-person rotations beginning Tuesday, July 6. Students can begin applying to rotations in VSAS on April 15, and we will begin making rotation offers after May 3. Please note that this is subject to change.

Students will be limited to one away rotation total (at any institution), and residency programs are encouraged to take into consideration if a learner exceeded the one-away-rotation limit during the residency selection process.

Applications will automatically close in VSAS eight weeks (56 days) prior to the rotation start date. No further applications will be accepted after that time.

Rotation Calendar

Rotation Block

Rotation Dates

VSAS Closes

Block 15

July 6* - 30, 2021

*Tuesday start due to Independence Day Holiday observed

May 18

Block 16

August 2-27

June 7

Block 17

August 30-September 24

July 5

Block 18

September 27-October 22

August 2

Block 19

October 25-November 19

August 30

Block 20

November 22-December 17*
*Off November 25-28 for Thanksgiving

September 27

Block 21

January 3-28, 2022

November 8

Block 22

January 31-February 25

December 6

Block 23

February 28-March 25

January 3

Block 24

March 28-April 22

January 31