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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Education

Teaching Selective

The aim of the Phase 3 Teaching Thread is to provide a clinical teaching experience that allows senior students to build the necessary skills in evidence-based teaching, feedback and self-assessment aiding them in the transition to the residency of their choice. Additionally, the Teaching Selective provides FSM graduates an opportunity to differentiate themselves from other institutions’ applicants because FSM is one of the few institutions that requires a teaching as a graduation requirement in their curriculum. Students have the opportunity to teach first- and second year-medical students clinical skills in the clinical education center or lead a PBL small group. Each student meets with a resident or faculty after they have completed their teaching requirement to discuss their teaching  and plans for improvement, students will also create a teaching improvement plan.

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Chair and Coordinator

Robyn Bockrath, MD, MEd

Anna Reczynski