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Summer Research (SRSP) and T35

Summer Research Scholars Program (SRSP) 

Eligibility: All M1 students except those who are MSTP (MD, PhD) are eligible for SRSP funding. 
MD/MPH and MD/MA M1 students are eligible for SRSP.
The Summer Research Scholars Program (SRSP) is an optional, competitive and funded research program for students intending to perform research on campus/site of research in the summer between their M1 and M2 years (in addition to the 4 week AOSC requirement for those in AOSC). Whereas the initial 4 weeks to meet the AOSC requirement can be in person or remote, the SRSP weeks must be on campus or at the site of research. The program is coupled with weekly didactics. You can view the previous SRSP lectures here. The application link for SRSP will go live in February of each year with decisions announced in late March/early April. The SRSP application consists of (1) a student's AOSC proposal form (an AOSC requirement) or an alternate research plan for AOSC-exempt students and (2) a brief SRSP supplement consisting of a plan for the SRSP weeks and a brief personal statement. We anticipate funding will be available for a significant portion, though not all, of SRSP applicants. There will be at least weekly SRSP lectures students will be expected to attend.

T35 Program

Led by Transplant Surgeon-Scientist, Daniela Ladner, MD MPH the T35 program will fund eight M1 medical students interested in basic, translational, or outcomes research for 10-12 weeks of mentored research each summer.  This grant is funded by the NIH-NIDDK and will give preference, but is not limited to, projects in the areas of: Diabetes, Endocrinology & Obesity, Digestive Diseases (i.e., liver cirrhosis), Kidney diseases, Urologic Diseases and Nutrition.  Importantly, this is not mutually exclusive from AOSC or RISE, but rather synergistic – T35 projects will count as students’ AOSC projects and will provide essential physician-scientist training for students either accepted into (as M1s) or interested in applying to (as M2/M3s) the RISE program.  Inquiries may be directed to