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Summer Research (SRSP) and T35


The Summer Research Scholars Program (SRSP) is an optional, competitive and funded research program for students intending to perform research on campus/site of research in the summer between their M1 and M2 years (in addition to the 4 week AOSC requirement for those in AOSC). Whereas the initial 4 weeks to meet the AOSC requirement can be in person or remote, the SRSP weeks must be on campus or at the site of research. The program is coupled with regularly scheduled interactive didactic sessions with physician scientist faculty.

  • Eligibility: All M1 students except those who are MSTP (MD/PhD) are eligible for SRSP funding. MD/MPH and MD/MA M1 students are eligible for SRSP.
  • Timeline: The early bird application is due in March of every year, with the final deadline being in early April. Students are notified of their status within a week of each deadline. Students not accepted into SRSP in the early bird round may re-apply for the April deadline.
  • Application components: The SRSP application consists of (1) a student's AOSC proposal form (an AOSC requirement) or an alternate research plan for AOSC-exempt students and (2) a brief SRSP supplement consisting of a plan for the SRSP weeks and a brief personal statement. We anticipate funding will be available for a significant portion, though not all, of SRSP applicants.


The T35 Summer Research Program for Medical Students is an academically rich and fertile environment at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, for 8 academically promising students interested in basic, translational and outcomes research in the NIDDK areas of interest.The summer program allows the T35 trainees to immerse themselves in their research project with their T35 mentors for 8-10 weeks and participate in didactics including: lecture series, weekly group trainee meetings, a full‐day retreat with a NIDDK funded visiting professor and conclude with a poster session at the end of the summer. This is a fantastic opportunity for students who are interested in pursuing research as part of their future clinical career. T35 projects will count as students’ AOSC projects and will provide essential clinician-scientist training for students either accepted into (as M1s) or interested in applying to (as M2/M3s) the RISE program. The program emphasizes the recruitment of students from underrepresented minorities (race, ethnicity, disability, LGBTQ, disadvantaged background) and women, encourages the continuation of research after the T35 summer and will mentor students in a structured format until graduation and beyond, paving a path for the next generation of clinician‐scientists.

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