Northwestern University
Feinberg School of Medicine

Policy on Access to Laboratory Buildings

In order to improve safety and security for both personnel and physical assets within the Feinberg School of Medicine, a new security policy has been implemented effective September 1, 2010 for the Ward, Morton, Searle, Tarry, Olson/McGaw and Lurie (except the first floor Atrium) buildings.

All persons entering the affected buildings are required to display a valid, current Northwestern credential, or obtain a visitor pass from security personnel.

Additional details follow:

During hours when buildings are unlocked, entry will only be permitted through designated entrances. When buildings are locked, only electronic access is permitted.

Feinberg buildings are unlocked Monday through Saturday 7am to 6pm. All buildings are locked on Sundays and holidays.

Except in emergencies, exit through any other than designated doors is prohibited.

Upon entering, all faculty, staff, students, and others with valid, current Northwestern University Wildcards or Northwestern affiliate credentials, must display the credential to security staff and wear the credential in a visible manner at all times while in the building. Acceptable affiliate credentials are limited to those from Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation, the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, Children’s Memorial Hospital and the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center.

Contractors and other non-employees requiring regular access will be issued contractor ID cards by University Services.

All visitors must register with building security. A valid photo ID is required. Visitors will be issued a visitor pass which must be displayed at all times while in the building.  Visitor passes will not be issued at the Lurie or Tarry loading docks.

Visitors must sign out when exiting the building.

FedEx, UPS, and other bonded delivery personnel in uniform will be allowed access with proper credentials. Bicycle messengers and other informal delivery persons will be required to register as visitors and obtain a visitor paper ID to be displayed while in the building.

All faculty, staff, students, and other Northwestern employees who do not have their valid credential will be required to provide valid photo identification, register as visitors, and receive/display a visitor pass.  If valid photo ID is not available, another faculty/staff member or student with a Wildcard can present him/herself at the security station to provide verification of identity, and a visitor pass will be issued.

Propping open of doors or allowing entry to anyone without a valid credential is prohibited and disciplinary action will be taken, if violated.

Faculty, staff, or students observing any unknown person not displaying a Northwestern credential or visitor badge should ask the person, “May I help you?”  Suspicious responses should be immediately reported to University Police by calling 3-3456.

Contracted security staff will enforce these policies and procedures consistently and uniformly.

Security staff enforcing these policies must be treated professionally and with respect at all times.

Failure to comply with these policies and procedures will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Should you have questions or comments regarding this policy, please contact Eric Boberg at

*Policy updated June 2010.