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Two high school students learn about research

Pathway Programs to Medicine

Here at Northwestern, our schools, affiliate health systems and other partners offer an exciting array of programs to inspire, mentor and prepare young people for future careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). We welcome you to explore these opportunities, in the hopes you will find a pathway that lifts you up and fuels your passion for a career that can truly change the world.



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For K-8 Students

Opportunities for our youngest learners include tutoring, exposure to STEM activities and meeting with scientists after school to experiment.

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For High School Students

These high school programs help students explore the vast range of healthcare career opportunities and prepare them for their next steps.

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For College Students

Undergraduates can choose to participate in research, join a non-clinical healthcare internship, attend an alternative spring break program and more.

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For Graduate Students

These affiliated programs for graduate students offer more focused training, with an emphasis on health equity and health disparities.

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Hear from Past Participants

The program not only gave me some tips and help for when I start my medical training, but it also helped me understand what I need to do now to prepare."

Henryez Byll, past participant, HPREP

Feinberg is a champion of not only providing awareness for health disparities, but also highlights the importance of culturally-competent care, which stems back to training a diverse workforce."

Ekene Nwosisi, past participant, NU Docs

Of all the lessons I learned as an NM Scholar, a sense of confidence — knowing that my dream may come true — had the largest impact on me. This faith was a product of the belief and support from my NM Scholars mentors, who went above and beyond to help me while I was applying for medical school."

Rong (Chloe) Qiu, past participant, Northwestern Medicine Scholars

Although I had considered the field of medicine before, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to carry through my studies, and I was really nervous about the pressure. This program not only expanded my scientific knowledge, but really helped my confidence as well."

Luis Ortiz Juarez, past participant, Northwestern Medicine Scholars

This whole program has really broadened my perspective to try out other fields in medicine and to challenge myself. I’m taking more AP classes now, and I actually feel really prepared to go to college and start the application process."

Victoria Cruz, past participant, Northwestern Medicine Scholars

Diversity & Inclusion

An NM Scholar shakes Dr. Yancy's hand

Building a pipeline of diverse learners from many different backgrounds is critical to ensure tomorrow’s medical and scientific professionals mirror the communities in which we serve."

Clyde Yancy, MD, Vice Dean for Diversity & Inclusion

Visit our Office for Diversity & Inclusion

Explore how we work to meet the needs of the diverse neighborhoods and populations we serve.VISIT THE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT SITE