Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Department of Neurological Surgery
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Faculty advisors are assigned to resident trainees upon their matriculation into the residency program. Residents and assigned faculty advisors are expected to meet one-on-one at least twice yearly. Topics to be reviewed including clinical performance, professionalism, wellness issues as well as research opportunities and university networking opportunities. Mentor relationships develop organically over the early years of trainees time in the program. Once a clinical and/or research mentor has been identified, the advisor-advisee relationship may continue or may transition, depending on resident trainee preference.

Resident Portfolio Review

Residents are expected to maintain a Residency Portfolio throughout the duration of their training. This is reviewed with the Residency Program Director and Associate Residency Program Director(s) annually in order to ensure that residents remain on track and in good standing over the duration of their junior residency years and are prepared to make the most of their elective during their more senior years of training. Finally, transitioning into post-graduate fellowship opportunities and/or neurosurgical employment is also discussed as training progresses.


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