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COVID-19 Resources

During the COVID-19 pandemic, IPHAM will be using this page to gather and disseminate resources and tools for researchers and the public around COVID-19. These are curated resources developed both internally and externally. Please email if you would like to add anything.

Additionally, our weekly newsletter, the IPHAM Bulletin, has been covering COVID-19 news, events, and resources.

 Chicago COVID-19 Resource Repository (open to edit)

IPHAM's Center for Community Health & Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities (ARCC) have initiated an open, crowdsourced Chicago COVID-19 Resource Repository to support community organizations and members in the Chicagoland Area.

If you find anything missing, feel free to add.

There are tabs at the bottom of the sheet for:

  • COVID-19 Info
  • Physical/Mental Health
  • Housing & Food
  • Financial/Legal
  • People with Substance Use Disorders
  • Communications/Internet
  • Childcare/Education
  • Volunteer/Donate
  • Free entertainment/culture
  • Other Resources

 Chicago COVID Coalition

Visit the Chicago COVID Coalition website

Ongoing activities:

Engage stakeholders to identify information needs, data sources, ideas for solutions, and preferred communication channels (clinicians; health system supply chain leaders/managers; public health agencies; manufacturers; elected officials)

Mobilize knowledge, technical expertise, networks, data, and technologies into work streams that coordinate to identify and develop new tools and resources to inform decisions and actions by stakeholders

Develop prediction models for COVID spread and the subsequent need for hospital care, supplies, public health agency responses, and public policies for containment and mitigation

Collect, aggregate, and forecast information about supply chain burn rates and projected bottlenecks within and across facilities to help anticipate and prevent supply shortages

Secure and share ‘real-time’ pragmatic clinical data to identify emerging treatment innovations that may improve patient outcomes

Identify, develop, and support tools and processes to share data, knowledge, and ideas across stakeholder groups in ways that accelerate innovation and adoption of novel treatment and mitigation approaches that help avoid supply shortages and improve patient treatment and outcomes

 Community Engagement

Community engagement in COVID19 research: If you are developing a community or population health research project focused on COVID19, the Center for Community Health can provide consultations on community-engaged research designs and strategies to engage stakeholders throughout the research process. We can also help facilitate connections for academic-community research partnerships. You can contact us for a consultation here:

The Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities (ARCC) has developed three resources to help community-academic research collaborations consider and address the impact of COVID-19 on health equity and their research projects and partnerships.

  1. Community Document for Sharing Ideas, Questions, & Resourceson the same topic to facilitate open sharing of additional ideas and questions. Any one is able to add and share.
  2. Virtual Discussions on the same topic. ARCC is also hosting this virtual zoom gathering to facilitate sharing and discussion of experiences, ideas, and challenges. Open to any interested community and academic partners.

Other Resources from ARCC Partners:

Use the online HTML, CSS, JS tool collection to make websites like a piece of cake.

 Published research & op-eds by Northwestern researchers

This is a selection of published research and opinion pieces by researchers at Northwestern. If you would like to add anything, please email

 Educational Resources

We've gathered tools and resources for children, parents, and school administrators. Thanks to the team from IPHAM's Center for Food Allergy & Asthma Research for compiling this list. 



Videos for Kids

Parental Resources for Child Stress/Anxiety

Guidance for School Administrators

Mental Health and COVID-19

Parent Resources

Coronavirus & Chronic Conditions


 Galter Health Sciences Library at Northwestern

The Galter Library team has developed and launched a number of resources and workflows to support COVID-19 efforts at Northwestern University:

COVID-19 Evidence Search & Synthesis Service

  • Fast-track COVID-19 searches on topics such as healthcare workforce safety, patient care, materials science, policy, supply chains, ethics, legal and regulatory issues, media and more.
  • Requests are completed by expert searchers from Galter Library, Northwestern University Libraries and Pritzker Legal Research Center through a strong cross-campus collaboration. Searches will be prioritized based on urgency. Results from completed searches are available.
  • Evidence synthesis briefs can be requested on this form and will be completed by a team of volunteers on campus with experience in these domains. We’re grateful for their assistance.
Access the Literature

  • A COVID-19 Relevant Papers folder on Google Drive (papers and guidelines) has been established and is actively curated by Galter librarians. If you know of a paper you’d like to add, please use our “Suggest a Resource“ form.
  • Through the Public Health Emergency COVID-19 Initiative, COVID-19 and coronavirus-related publications, and the available data supporting them, will be made immediately accessible in PubMed Central (PMC) and other appropriate public repositories to support the ongoing public health emergency response efforts. Several publishers have responded to the call and are working with NLM to make their coronavirus-related articles discoverable and accessible through PMC and facilitate text mining and secondary analysis through machine-readable formats and licenses.
  • View the latest articles and research resources in the COVID-19 Resource Guide. 
Find COVID-19 Resources

The Northwestern COVID-19 Resource Guide is now available, containing the latest COVID-19 content, tools, data and relevant scholarly resources from a wide range of publishers and content providers curated by Galter Library. Use the “Suggest a Resource“ form to suggest tools, data aggregators, dashboards, etc., to include on the guide.

Preserve and Share

If you have questions about these or any other Galter Library services and resources, please reach out. Right now, email is the best way to contact us. Stay safe and healthy!

All resources and services remain uninterrupted at Galter Library and have transitioned to remote workflows. Learn more about how to access resources, services and classes.

 COVID-19 Funding Opportunities

NUCATS is maintaining a page that is compiling funding opportunities as they are released by the National Institutes of Health and other funding agencies. 

Visit the NUCATS COVID-19 Funding Opportunities page.

 COVID-19 Pandemic: Scientist Volunteer & Equipment Availability¬†form

Michael F. Wells, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard, has developed a simple form to create a national database of scientists located in the United States who are ready and willing to deploy their advanced skills, expertise, and access to reagents/equipment towards the fight against COVID-19 in their local communities.

"The goal is to distribute this database to organizations, state/county health officials, universities, and hospitals throughout the country looking for assistance in recruitment efforts as they scale up testing capacities. In other words, we are simultaneously centralizing by aggregating our nation’s talent pool into one database and de-centralizing by dispersing access of the database to those who can turn our energy into concrete action at the local level."

Size of list as of 03.24.20 at 8:15 AM: 6,400 scientists from 49 states, Puerto Rico, and Guam.


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