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New Faculty Spotlight: Lesli Skolarus, MD


Leslie Skolarus, MD, is a member of the IPHAM Center for Community Health (CCH). Dr. Skolarus was kind enough to answer a few questions so we can get to know her better.


When did you join Northwestern and what is your role?

I joined Northwestern University in October 2022 from the University of Michigan. I am a Professor and Vice Chair of Faculty Development and Education in the Department of Neurology at Northwestern University. Along with Dr. Darius Tandon, I will co-direct the NUCATS community and stakeholder engagement core in partnership with the Center for Community Health.

What are your research interests?

I practice as a board-certified Vascular Neurologist. About two-thirds of my research focuses on bridging the gaps between the community and the medical system to reduce cardiovascular disease and promote health equity. Specifically, designing and testing behavioral and mHealth-based interventions to reduce racial and economic inequities in cardiovascular disease and aging. The other third of my research is in health services research, where I explore the drivers of racial differences in post-stroke disability predominantly using national surveys linked to Medicare.

What are the implications of your research?

For the last 13 years, I have worked in partnership with the Flint, MI community – predominantly low-income, Black American – to design, adapt, and test stroke preparedness, cardiovascular disease prevention, and healthy aging interventions. Additionally, we are beginning to explore the role of preferences for care and disability. Our work has been funded by NINDS, NIA, NIMHD, and the American Heart Association.

What else should we know?

I am devoted to mentoring. I am the primary mentor to 3-K awardees and a mentor on several other awards. I am excited to join the Northwestern community and look forward to learning with you. Please reach out if there is any potential for collaboration.

Lesli Skolarus, MD
Professor and Vice Chair of Faculty Development and Education
Department of Neurology

(published March 6, 2023)

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