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New Faculty Spotlight: Carol Haywood, PhD



Carol Haywood is a new member of IPHAM's Center for Health Services & Outcomes Research. She is an occupational scientist and disability researcher who has joined the Department of Medical Social Sciences. Dr. Haywood was kind enough to answer a few questions so we can get to know her better.

What is your research focus and how did you become interested in the topic?

Broadly speaking, I focus on lived experiences of disability in health care and home/community. As an occupational therapist, I worked with people with disabilities and their families in physical rehabilitation for several years. My clinical experiences led me to see a disconnect between many of the goals for hospital-based care and the needs or priorities of individuals in their real lives. I jumped into the research world to better understand barriers and opportunities for people with disabilities to achieve optimal health and quality of life across transitions from hospital to home and over the life course. I aim to identify how health care systems work for- and against the needs of people with disabilities.

What is the potential impact of your research?

People with disabilities make up the largest minority population in the United States, and they experience significant disparities in health and health care. Disabilities are grossly misunderstood across society, and ableist assumptions manifest in barriers to adequate health care. I hope the long-term impact of my research will be to tip the scales towards more equitable outcomes for this diverse population by advancing access to appropriate, quality care.

How can IPHAM researchers contact you to collaborate?

Email at or on Twitter @cehaywood.


Published on October 28, 2021.

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