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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Pathology Core Facility


The Pathology Core Facility (PCF) is a centralized, comprehensive, core laboratory providing histology, immunohistochemistry, molecular analysis, and microscopic evaluation services for human tissue-based studies. We are College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited and CLIA certified with the capability to serve integral marker studies that require biomarker-based treatment arm assignment. In addition to core laboratory services, we perform procurement of fresh biospecimens for clinical trials and biobanking. We facilitate basic, translational, and clinical research at Northwestern University, with laboratories located at downtown Chicago, Illinois.

Services Offered

  • Histology
    • Tissue processing
    • Tissue embedding
    • Tissue Microarrays (TMA)
    • Routine and special sectioning
    • H&E and special histological stains
  • ImmunoHistoChemistry
    • Single and double stains
    • Antibody work-up
  • Bio Repository
    • Patient screening/consenting
    • Blood/fluid/tissue collection and processing
    • Archival data search and management for tissue withdrawal
  • Molecular Pathology
    • DNA/RNA extraction from blood
    • DNA/RNA extraction from tissue
    • DNA/RNA extraction from formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue
    • Tunel Apoptosis
    • RNA Scope
    • ELISA
  • Microscopy
    • H&E analysis
    • Quantitative tissue analysis
    • Pathology review
    • Slide Scanning
    • Digital Image Analysis
  • Clinical Trials Unit (CTU)
    • Blood/fluid/tissue collection
    • Study initiation/maintenance
  • Equipment use and training
    • Microtome
    • Cryotome
    • Five-head microscope
    • BSI-II (data management software)


All manuscripts and grants presenting work supported by this core should include the following acknowledgement:

"This work was supported by the Northwestern University Pathology Core Facility and a Cancer Center Support Grant (NCI CA060553)."


Pathology Core Home Page


General Contact
Demirkan B. Gürsel, MSc, PhD  
Scientific Director
(312) 503-0324 (office)
(240) 529-3666 (cell)
(312) 503-1148 (fax)

Clinical Trials Unit
Lauren Nielsen, CCRP  
Clinical Operations Manager
(312) 503-2513 (office)
(312) 921-7599 (pager)

Jeremy Mathews  
Biorepository Laboratory Manager
(312) 503-3753 (office)
(312) 695-8675 (pager)

Director of Pathology Core Facility
Jian-Jun Wei, MD  
(312) 926-1815 (office)


Olson Pavilion, 8th Floor
Room 8-419
710 North Fairbanks Court
Chicago, IL 60611