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Immunotherapy Assessment Core

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The Immunotherapy Assessment Core (IAC) provides cutting edge technologies and expert support for clinical and translational studies, aiming to dissect mechanisms of immunopathogenesis at the single cell level, and exploring novel disease-specific biomarkers with diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

We provide root to branch services for dissection of the immune response both phenotypically, functionally and transcriptionally at the single cell or population level. Technologies like single cell RNAseq (10x Genomics Chromium platform), multispectral fluorescent tissue imaging of FFPE tissues (Phenocycler fusion and Vectra 3 Imaging System, Akoya Biosciences), high-performance electrochemiluminescence plexing immunoassays (QuickPlex 120, MSD), spatial transcriptomics (Nanostring GeoMx) and automated multiplexed single-cell and bulk protein analysis system (IsoLight, IsoPlexis) are available to investigators, providing immune cell (and beyond) characterization at the highest resolution. Other services also include project consultation, sample preparation, controlled rate freezing and cryopreservation/storage, as well as a comprehensive range of standardized and customizable immunological assays.

Key Instruments

  • Akoya Biosciences Vectra 3 imaging system
  • Akoya Biosciences Phenocycler fusion (formerly Codex)
  • Leica Bond Rx autostainer
  • Cytek Aurora
  • Isolight single-cell secretome platform
  • Nanostring GeoMx
  • 10X Genomics chromium controller
  • MSD: Meso Quickplex SQ120
  • Controlled rate freezer

Services Offered

  • Project consultation
  • Multiplex automated IHC staining on FFPE and frozen tissues
  • Multiplex imaging
  • High-plex protein detection
  • Spatial and molecular assays (RNA and protein)
  • Single-cell RNA seq
  • Next generation library preparation
  • Single-cell and bulk multiplex ELISAs
  • Functional immunoassays
  • Multiplex immunostaining for FACS
  • Staff-assisted spectral cytometry runs
  • Staff-assisted full workflow for all the assays- sample preparation to data analysis


General contact:



Meghan Cholak

Rishita Yadali

Surya Pandey, PhD
Operations director


Faculty directors:

Isabelle Caroline Le Poole, PhD

Bin Zhang, MD PhD


Immunotherapy Assessment Core (IAC)
300 E Superior St, Rm 4-730, Tarry Building
Chicago, IL 60611


All manuscripts and grants presenting work supported by this core should include the following acknowledgement:

"-Service name- services were provided by Northwestern University's Immunotherapy Assessment Core."